Who Am I?

Who Am I?

The worship for this sermon/song could revolve around a variety of themes including our identity in Christ.

Please leave a reply with additional thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Prop / Visual Ideas  Placard or shirt with the numbers 24601 (in the case of a placard/sign, the reverse side could read Jean Valjean, and the sign be turned from the prison number to his name at some point in the service/sermon.)

Song Ideas

–  Friend of God
– I Know Who I Am
– He Loves Me
– Step By Step
– I’m a Child of the King
– I Belong to the King
– I Am His and He Is Mine
– And Can it Be
– Son of God
– He Knows My Name

Another option would be to focus on songs that celebrate the Name of God / Jesus
– The Name of the Lord
– Glorious Is Thy Name
– In the Name of the Lord
– Blessed Be the Name
– Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
– Your Name
– Jesus, Name Above All Names
– There’s Something About That Name
– There’s a New Name Written Down In Glory


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